Sunday, September 25, 2016

Another day for carving

Another day starting, hmmmmm.... Did you ever notice how your creativity works? I see everything as a big kettle of soup that I get to serve up a steaming ladle of whatever gets caught up in the dip. Will I carve a face today? A frog? A funky sign? Being an artisan is the biggest freedom anyone can ever know, but just making up your mind and stopping the daydream long enough to get something made can be a challenge at times. Maybe I'll listen to some music and see if it gives me a direction for the day! Carry on! Sorry if i interrupted your train of thought! Smile big, Make ART!
    Green Men turn my crank lately. I love all about them, The mystery, the power to protect the forest and share the love of all things living in the natural world. I made this antler piece from a section of shed antler and breathed life into it( so to speak.)  I am thinking of molding him and his friend and casting a magical spell into the resulting pieces so many people can enjoy his spell too. I think he'd be a great focal piece for a tribal style necklace celebrating being Green. Watch for him soon at my Etsy shop at: