Saturday, October 22, 2016

Yesterday I visited David Furgason and his lovely wife at Crockett Chainsaw Critters in Wakefield, Michigan way up north in the U.P. of MI. We carved faces on bird feeders and had an excellent lunch prepared by David's talented wife Eva. Eva works along side David painting and doing some carving ( but with knives, etc) and was building a beautiful bird feeder to resemble a friend's new home!!! Yikes! It was gorgeous and had many hours already invested in it. Then she disappeared for awhile and surprised us with a lunch of steaks, delicatta squash, and mashed potatoes , with fresh oooey-Gooey brownies for desert before I had to drive 74 miles home. It was cloudy and damp out but our spirits were sunny and great comaraderie was the order of the day. I ended the day by carving this big happy face on a 3' tall hollow log. Maybe David and Eva will make a funky table with it as a base? Or something. Days like this are the ones you remember to erase all the disheartening ones!